Carbon footprint online training

KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies is organising a carbon footprint online training together with the Association Bilan Carbone (ABC) from France on 6 and 10, September 2021. ABC is the developer of the Bilan Carbone® methodology and tool.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for companies in Hungary to:
·        acquire knowledge of carbon accounting
·        learn the methodology and how to use the Bilan Carbone® tools
·        get access to the version 8 Bilan Carbone® tool
·        join the ABC network, which means to get all the updates of the tool for 1 year and the right to use it to assess the GHG emissions of your organisation
·        get a certificate at the successful completion of the training for maximum 2 company experts

More information about Bilan Carbone®:
·       The language of the training is English.
·       The webinars will be held in KÖVET’s ZOOM system; technical details will be sent to all participants before the event
·       The event costs: 1000EUR/organisation (for 2 participants)

If you have questions, please contact Katinka Györki-Vincze at