Carbon footprint online training – postponed to spring 2021.

KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies is organising a carbon footprint online training together with the Association Bilan Carbone (ABC) from France. ABC is the developer of the Bilan Carbone® methodology and tool. 

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for companies in Hungary to:
•    get information about carbon accounting,
•    learn the methodology and how to use the Bilan Carbone® tools,
•    get access to the version 8 Bilan Carbone® tool,
•    join the ABC network for 2021, which means to get all the updates of the tool for 1 year and the right to use it to assess the GHG emissions of your organisation,
•    get a certificate at the successful completion of the training for maximum 2 company experts.
The training has a total of 9 contact hours (online) plus 10 hours of self-learning to do exercises in the Bilan Carbone® tool. Consultation is offered for you in between 2 online sessions.

Dates: 3 and 9, December, 2020.
Consultancy is offered on 7 December.
Participation at the training costs 1000EUR per company which includes:
•    training for maximum 2 people per company (only 500EUR for the second person). 
•    access to the ABC network which includes the updates for 2021 and an English hotline.
•    the Bilan Carbone® tool
•    get a certificate at the successful completion of the training.
The training fee is due by 30 November. Payment details will be sent later. The language of the training is English. The webinars will be held in KÖVET’s ZOOM system; technical details will be sent to all participants before the event. 

The data protection statement can be found at the end of the registration in Hungarian.