KÖVET Association organised its first webinar on the HETES (Hungarian ‘version’ of ALLIES) project on Earth Day, 22 April. Besides KÖVET colleagues, there were 14 participants in the event. We scheduled the presentations and follow-up questions for about 90 minutes and managed to keep to that plan, from 10 to 11.30am.

The event started with a general introduction from the part of KÖVET’s executive director Katalin Herner. There were some supplementary questions for the participants provided in the Mentimeter system concerning their views on energy savings and their own experience in implementing and financing such projects. After the introduction, the HETES project manager, Dr. Tamás Trenyik presented the project itself. Dr Trenyik told us about the aims and context of the project, who can participate and how the program is structured.

After the program description Jónás László, executive director of Lokalizáció Ltd. (an organisation owned by KÖVET Association, and MagNet Hungarian Community Bank, the financial institution of the project) presented the financial background to the project. Lokalizáció Ltd. acts as an agent in the project providing information and practical solutions to all interested parties. He described the concept and all the benefits of the project from a monetary point of view. Through a practical example he explained the procedure from the deposits of the clients placed in the accounts to the end of the project when environmental investments are realised and the lockup is released.

The case study is set in a town in Zala county in South-West Hungary near Lake Balaton where the thermal bath is owned by the local government. To decrease operational costs, a solar panel system is planned but financing is still a question.  Here the local community members come in with their deposits to secure the bank loan. It is a win-win-win situation as deposit makers get favourable interest rates, the bath is modernised saving energy and the local government is supported in its initiatives. The return period is approximately 4.5 years.

More information: Dr Tamás Trenyik, KÖVET Association

E-mail: trenyik@kovet.hu