Aims of KÖVET Association

Aims of KÖVET

  • To strengthen the environmental and social responsibility of companies and institutions;
  • To disseminate the common tool of practical experience and ideas to business circles, and to provide appropriate information to the general public;
  • To make use of foreign experience with the help of the International Network for Environmental Management (INEM);
  • To spread the knowledge that environmentally and socially aware company management is not a cost increasing factor, but promotes the success of the individual business and the economy as a whole;
  • To propagate the mentality of corporate social responsibility, especially regarding its deep interpretation, the positive role of small and medium enterprises;
  • To introduce the methods and techniques of environmentally aware management into strongly innovative companies, in particular among KÖVET members;
  • To direct in-house and external education and training in such a way that it meets the needs of environmentally aware management and corporate social responsibility;

  • To adjust the economic environment so as to promote environmental management and cor-porate social responsibility;
  • To help in identifying and using cost cutting potential, especially in energy, raw materials, water and the disposal or reuse of waste water and other waste materials (cleaner produc-tion);
  • To find new market potentials for environment-friendly products and services, and the best products and services in respect of sustainable development;
  • To make the company more attractive, which is important in staff recruitment and motiva-tion;
  • To improve the acceptance of the environmentally and socially responsible companies, in the general public – especially in the local community and the media;
  • To assure a condition for sustained viability of socially responsible market economy;
  • To make a contribution to conserving our fundamental natural resources;
  • Cooperation for the above mentioned aims with business, governmental, non-governmental and other organizations.