KÖVET 25 Program – Utolsó csengetés!

Introduce yourself and get assessment about your corporate/institution/organisation’s environmental and social performance, measures and impact from the past 5 years!

Awards established during KÖVET Association’s 25 years:

  • 13th Money Back Through the Window – Environmental Savings Award
  • Corporate Responsibility Marketplace – Responsible Corporate Awards
  • Green Office, Green Workplace

Is your corporate outstanding in the above mentioned fields?

Register for KÖVET Association’s 25-year jubilee program, and earn one of the awards!

Schedule of the Program

Call April, 2020.
Webinar per topic 6, 13, 20, 27 May, 2020.
Letters of Intent 15 June, 2020.
Consultations May-September, 2020.
Submission of Proposals 11 September, 2020.
Jury’s assessment 30 September, 2020.
Award ceremony, presentation of results, conference and exhibition 20-21 October, 2020.


You can apply under the conditions detailed for the different programs, by a registration of contact person, than filling in the letter of intent, which can be downloaded from here. Please send it electronically to palyazat@kovet.hu.

KÖVET Association’s experts will help you with your proposal through webinars and online consultation sessions.

Participation Fees

CATEGORY FULL Participation FEE KÖVET members Program returnee        


Partner discount 2nd and 3rd program Fee        


Large Corporate 500 000 HUF 30% 15% 15% 30% discount per program from participation fee
Medium Enterprise 300 000 HUF
Small Enterprise 150 000 HUF
Micro Enterprise 100 000 HUF
Large NGO/Institution 100 000 HUF
Medium NGO/Institution 50 000 HUF
Small NGO/Institution 30 000 HUF

* The participation fee includes the costs of organization, consultancy, participation in webinars, as well as participation in the conference and exhibition for 2 people, with full board.


Corporate/organisation categories

Large corporate: ≥ 250 employees, > 50 million € annual net income or > 43 million € total annual assets

Medium-sized enterprise: 50-249 employees, ≤ 50 million € annual net income or ≤ 43 million € total annual assets

Small enterprise: 10-49 employees, ≤ 10 million € annual net income or ≤ 10 million € total annual assets

Micro-sized enterprise: < 10 employees, ≤ 2 million € annual net income or ≤ 2 million € total annual assets

Large NGO/institute: ≥ 150 employees

Medium-sized NGO/institute: 25-149 employees

Small NGO/institute: < 24 employees



From participation fees we give a discount to:

  • KÖVET members – 30%,
  • Members of the following organisations – 15%: BCSDH, Effekteam, GreendBrands, HUGBC, KSZGYSZ, Magnet Közösségi Bank, MLBKT, MPRSZ, Német-Magyar Tudásközpont Kft.
  • Returnees to the program – 15%.
  • After the first one, a 30% discount from the participation fee for each additional programs.
  • Only one of the discounts can be applied!


Why is it worth joining?

  • You can show your corporate/organisation’s program concerning environmental/social sustainability.
  • Validity of the measures and programs shown in the proposal will be checked by KÖVET’s experts.
  • The most outstanding measures and progams will be rewarded by the professional jury. Representatives of the rewarded organisations can receive the awards during a ceremony at the 25th Annual KÖVET Conference and Exhibition on 20-21 October, 2020.
  • Rewarded organisations can get to the international European Business Awards for the Environment in 2022 with their successful measures.
  • One representative from the participating organisations can take part free in a KÖVET event in 2021.
  • The programs and measures introduced will appear on the KÖVET website, and rewarded ones will be published in STEPS professional periodical special edition in autumn, 2020 as well as in a media coverage.
  • Media and professional partners will publish about the KÖVET 25 Program and the rewarded measures.
  • Rewarded organisations receive 6 months’ KÖVET membership.


Member of the Jury

  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Győri, associate professor at Budapest Business School, Faculty of Finance and Accountancy,
  • Gergely Hankó, Executive Director of Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises,
  • Gábor Lévai, Impact Manager of Magnet Bank,
  • Dr. Klára Molnár, Director of Effekteam,
  • Erzsébet Ódor, HSE Manager of Europe and Africa region, Sanofi,
  • Prof. Dr. Gergely Tóth, Secretary General of KÖVET Association, Professor of Kaposvár University
  • Prof. Dr. Gyula Zilahy, BME, dean for scientific and international affairs 


XIII. Money Back Through the Window – Environmental Savings Awards

Has your organisation accomplished environmental or energetic measures within the past 5 years that also brought about economic benefits? Join our program, show us your developments and earn one of the 2020’s Environmental Savings Awards!

About the program

Within the Money Back Through the Window Program KÖVET Association has been collecting measures, projects and investments which are also beneficial environmentally and also economically. We will show you through case studies that expenses on environment protection are not money thrown out of the window, but they will mean financial benefits and will be economically advantageous for corporates and organisations.

KÖVET Association is organising the Money Back Through the Window Program in 2020 for the 13th time. Participating organisations will show the measures taken within the last couple of years through case studies, the duration times and environmental savings results. Case studies are collected in an online database on www.kovet.hu and the rewarded measures will be published in October 2020 in the special edition of STEPS KÖVET 25.

Participation conditions

You can apply for the program with environmental investments within the last 5 years that were beneficial economically. Detailed data must be available to show the developments (environmental benefits, investment costs, annual operation costs, annual savings and duration time).

Developments in the program need to be already accomplished ones, in operation and financially beneficial, but the program itself can be extended over the deadline. Applicants can participate with 5 different measures at most, per organisation. It is also possible for 2 organisations to show a joint venture in a mutual case study.

KÖVET’s experts will carry out an audit and then an independent, professional jury will decide who can receive the Environmental Savings Awards for 2020.


  • The most beautiful washed piece of fruit in the bowl: measures with no extra costs or with immediate benefits.
  • The tastiest piece of fruit hanging low: investments beneficial within 3 years.
  • The biggest piece of fruit hanging high up: investments beneficial over 3 years.
  • Carbon-savings award: the highest CO2 equivalent emission reduction measures.


CR (Corporate Responsibility) Marketplace – Responsible Corporate Awards

Is your Corporate acting responsible with employees, partners and all stakeholders? Would you be happy to present your corporate responsibility program? Show the results of the past 5 years in Corporate Responsibility Market and earn one of the Awards!

About the Program

CSR Marketplace is an initiative by CSR Europe started in 2005, which provides an informal context to show and share good practices in corporate social responsibility. What is attractive about the CSR Marketplace is that you can share personal experiences: in the market place corporates show innovative and exemplary measures in the field of social responsibility. This way all interested parties can learn about solutions for relevant problems, and find out about new ideas.

KÖVET has already successfully organised CSR Marketplaces 4 times, in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 and as a part of the KÖVET 25 in 2020 Corporate Responsibility Marketplace is organised again., with a new name.


Participation Conditions

From among proposals for this program the professional jury will choose the ones to be rewarded. All programs will be shown on 20 and 21 October 2020 at the Exhibition and also in the online catalogue.

You can join the program in 3 categories, with measures realised within the past 5 years:

  1. Corporate Responsibility measures category

The measures in this category are practical and easy to follow. We are expecting programs here from any field of corporate responsibility, should it be the smartest, the most innovative, best realised solution which can set an example for other corporates as well. Besides in the given topics – transparency, people-corporate cooperation, stakeholder inclusion, responsible supply chain, responsible marketing and communications, environmental protection, product development and innovation, corporate volunteering – we are also expecting to get descriptions in other fields of excellence.

  1. Greatest impact

By a positive social impact we understand a favourable change in the lives of the beneficiaries in the long run. Impact measurement is a systematic data collection, processing and evaluation procedure which confirms this change in an accurate way. In this category we are expecting such corporate responsibility measures already realised, where the results are verified by impact measurement.

In this category we are looking for such measures in the field of corporate responsibility that are validated by impact measurement. Measures can touch upon any of the above mentioned topics: responsible employment, transparency, people-corporate cooperation, stakeholder inclusion, responsible supply chain, responsible marketing and communication, environment protection, product development and innovation, corporate volunteering.

  1. Truly Responsible Enterprise category

With the Truly Responsible Enterprise category our aim is to draw attention to a deeper understanding of the real corporate responsibility. We are expecting proposals from businesses that are truly responsible: of an optimal size, acting in the local economy, satisfying real needs through products and services, a fair player with all partners, who considers profit as a tool, not the aim. You can get a detailed description of the model at https://kovet.hu/kovet-25/.



  • 2020 Truly Responsible Enterprise Award,
  • 2020 Most outstanding Truly Responsible Solution Award,
  • 2020 Greatest impact Truly Responsible Solution Award,
  • 2020 Most outstanding Small Enterprise CSR Award – for micro and small enterprise category,
  • 2020 Truly Responsible Public Award – award given upon the votes of the participants at the exhibition.


 Green Office/Green Workplace Proposal

Would you show how green your office/workplace is? Have you included environmental aspects in the operation of your corporate/organisation? Are you operating a low-on-resource and low-energy office/workplace? Are your colleagues wearing ‘green glasses’ for work?

About the Program

Register for KÖVET 25’s Green Office/Green Workplace Program. The aim is to establish environment friendly and philanthropist offices and workplaces, to raise environmental awareness of colleagues and to reduce the environmental burden of offices and workplaces.

Why is it worth participating?

  • The program can establish a framework for green incentives in the workplace
  • Sharing good practices, solutions and ideas for making the office/workplace more green
  • Colleagues’ environmental awareness and commitment can be developed
  • It can be motivating to value ourselves against other organisations
  • Your organisation can win one of the Awards for Green Office/Green Workplace
  • You can trace impacts of your green measures
  • You can show solutions of home office

Participation conditions

Applicants will show what they have achieved within the last 5 years in the field of office environment protection, green measures and their impact in the form of case studies. Our professional jury will reward the most beneficial and the most creative measures as well as the one involving the largest number of colleagues.


  • 2020 Greenest Office Award NGO/Institution,
  • 2020 Greenest Office for small, medium and large office category,
  • 2020 Greenest Workplace Award for small, medium and large business category.

More information:

Imola Biró, Communications Officer, KÖVET Association

E-mail: biro@kovet.hu, Tel: +36 20 317 2389