Assess the environmental performance of your company’s operation!

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Ecomapping is a simple and practical tool for mapping the environmental aspects and for improving the environmental performance of a company site, workroom or office.

We recommend this method for any company that wants to be aware of its environmental impacts of activities, and wants to reduce them.

Ecomapping can be served as a base for ISO 14001 or EMAS environmental management system. It can be also used for measuring the initial situation, for identifying environmental management system goals or for method of internal audit. KÖVET’s Money Back Through the Window program and Green Office Program are also based on ecomapping. The employees of the company take part actively in the program (in the survey, in the implementation and in the identification of saving opportunities). After participating in the program, they become more environmentally conscious than they were before.

The result of ecomapping is a self-tailored environmental plan with actions, deadlines, responsible people and saving opportunities.


  • Police in Kaposvár
  • St. Ursula High School, Dombóvár
  • Ecoland project – South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency – Ecomapping of 100 SMEs in the region.

Within the Green Office Program:

  • National Media and Infocommunications Authority
  • Profi Power Ltd. (today: Randstatt)
  • Numil Ltd.

22 participants of the Green Office Competition made a self-assessment about the environmental situation of their offices in 2011.