XXIV. Annual Conference of KÖVET Association – Postgrowth Economy

Date: 15 November, 2019. (Friday) 9:00-17:00

Venue: Danubius Hotel Gellért, 1114 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 2.  (https://goo.gl/maps/oDRbX7dDXoAwB9Tj7)

Registration: You can REGISTER here, the deadline is 13 November, 2019.

In the human body growth hormones gradually become less active after childhood. This is due to what we call the growth-hormone inhibiting hormones (GHIH).

How can we build in a control mechanism to our long term economic growth, which was a godsend in the past 200-2000-20000 years of human history but seems to create very rude question marks in the past decades? Who will be the paradigm changers who can act as quasi EGHIHs (economic GHIHs)?

The crisis can not be solved with a simple degrowth slogan, as many national economies and billions of people have to struggle from deep poverty to reach acceptable minumum living standards while others probably have to stop luxury aggregation to get to this state. Economic science needs to answer questions like the problem of differenciating between good growth and bad growth, estimate the healthy limit of ecoomic growth, or what would be the engine of non-expansional economy designed for expansion. In addition, we would need to build the economic theory basis of a human and sustainable development based on solidarity, in a gradual and peaceful manner, instead of worsening international conflicts. In our conference we seek answers to these questions, with the help of alternative economists, who at least gave some serious thoughts to these challenges.


9:30–10:00 Registration
10:00–10:20 Welcome

  • Herner Katalin – executive director, KÖVET Association

Introduction of KÖVET Association’s operation and mission: KÖVET Association’s 25 years – foreseeing of the event in 2020.

  • Ódor Erzsébet – chair, KÖVET Association


I.                   block

Moderator: Herner Katalin


10:20–10:50      Prof. Dr. Tóth Gergely (KÖVET Association, Kaposvár University) – Visionaries and Implementers of Post-Growth Economics

10:50–11:10      Dr. Georg Winter (B.A.U.M.) – „The recognition of the rights of nature”

11:10–11:30      Ludwig Karg – INEM, BAUM Consult

11:30–11:50      Dr. Pogátsa Zoltán – (University of West Hungary) How is degrowth capitalism possible?

11:50–12:10      Prof. Dr. Kerekes Sándor (Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem) – UNO’s interpretation of the sustainability goals in company strategy

Questions, comments

12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–14:30 II.                block

Moderator: Gärtner Szilvia, KÖVET Board member, DENSO Kft.


13:30–13:50      Donnie Maclurcan (Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University and Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute) – Towards a Post-growth Market Economy (from recording)

13:50–14:10      Szőnyi Lídia (pedagogical psychologist) – Psychology of the climate crisis

14:10–14:30      Dr. Hetesi Zsolt (NKE) – Carbon neutral energy sector

Questions, comment

14:30–14:50 Coffee break
14:50–16:00 III.             block

Moderator: Dr. Tóth Gergely


14:50–15:10      Tomáš Sedláček – Charles University in Prague (from recording)

15:10–15:30      Pierre Gaudillat (Joint Research Centre) – Monetary policy and its environmental impacts: are low interest rates helping or hindering the circular economy transition? (SKYPE)

15:30–15:50      Mathis Wackernagel (Global Footprint Network) – One-Planet Prosperity – what factors will shape countries’ competitiveness? (SKYPE)

Questions, comments

16:00–16:30 Afterword – Dr. Tóth Gergely
18:00–21:00 Dr. Georg Winter Award Ceremony, gala dinner – private event


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 Further information: Horváth Erzsébet, +36 20 399-3275, info@kovet.hu, www. kovet.hu

Partner event

Our Association is co-organising, together with the Annual Conference, the International Conference of Sustainable Economy and Agriculture in Kaposvár. In the heart of Somogy county the Conference is organised at the Economic Science Faculty of Kaposvár University. We are expecting scientific participants as well as researhers. The aim of the Conference is to connect scientific researhers to share experience and their research results in the field of sustainable economy and agriculture. 

Further information: conferences.ke.hu/icsea