Strategies of Resilience – Online Conference on Climate Change, Migration and Adaptation

Date: 13-14 May 2021
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Organiser: Migration Research Institute
Live-streaming here




Day 1 (13 May):

8:30-8:45: Arrival of the lecturers

8:45-9:00: Opening remarks

Zoltán Szalai (Director General, MCC Foundation)

Zsolt Barthel-Rúzsa (Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Századvég Foundation)

9:00-9:50: Keynote speeches

Attila Steiner (Secretary of state for the development of circular economy, energy and climate policy, Ministry for Innovation and Technology)

Tamás Dezső (Director, Migration Research Institute)

9:50-10:20: Coffee break

10:20-11:40: Environmental sustainability

Takele Bekele (Dean, College of Social Science and Humanities, Dire Dawa University)

Gergely Tóth (Professor, Institute for Sustainable Development and Farming, MATE): Humane economics – How to keep home emigrants with basic environmental and economic conditions?

Diána Szőke (Researcher): Climate and defense: EU and NATO perspectives

Klaudia Tóth (Researcher, MRI): Climate Change Related Vulnerability in the Lake Chad Basin – Prospects and Challenges


11:40-12:00: Q & A

12:00-13:00: Lunch break

13:00-14:00: Climate change and migration

Calcum T. M. Nicholson (Researcher, British Parliament): Climate migration: the role and responsibility of researchers in the ‘post-truth’ world

David Engels (Free University Brussels): Late civilisations and mass migration: some comparative perspectives

Viktor Marsai (Research Director, MRI): God only knows – belief and adaptation in Africa

14:00-14:20: Q & A

14:20-14:40: Coffee break

14:40-16:00 Migration, Climate Change and Water management

Hadi Jaafar (American University of Beirut): Refugees, water stress, and climate change in the Middle East

András Szöllősi-Nagy (Department of Water and Environmental Policy, University of Public Service)

Gábor Baranyai (Department of Water and Environmental Policy, University of Public Service): Global water (in)security and its impacts international migration

François Gemenne (Hugo Observatory, University of Liège): Refugees shouldn’t be used as props to alert to the dangers of climate change

16:00-16:15: Q & A

16:15-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:30: Youth and Climate: What About Our Future? Roundtable discussion

Moderator: Orsolya Kovács-Magosi (Researcher, MCC Climate Policy Institute)

Balázs Kelemen (UN Youth Delegate of Hungary)

Francesco Giubilei (President of Fondazione Tatarella)

Benji Backer (American Consercative Coalition, President and Founder)


Day 2 (14 May):

8:30-9:00: Arrival of the lecturers

9:00-9:30: Keynote speech

          Vanessa Nakate (climate activist, founder of Youth for Future Africa)

9:30-10:30: Ecological systems

Orsolya Ferencz (Ministerial Commissioner for Space Research, Ministry for Innovation and Technology): Global crises – climate change

Anneliese Depoux (Director of the Paris-Berlin Virchow-Villermé Public Health Center at the University of Paris): Connections between planetary health, climate change and migration

Eörs Szathmáry (ELKH Centre for Ecological Research, and Presidential Committee for Sustainable Development, Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Climate change, biotic migration, and emerging diseases

10:30-10:40: Q & A

10:40-11:00: Coffee break

11:00-11:40: Social consequences and adaptation strategies

Shahamak Rezaei (Roskilde University): Transnational Diaspora Entrepreneurship (TDE), Migration Corridor & Building Corridor Innovation System

Olivér Hortay (Századvég Foundation): Climate policy and public opinion: dilemmas and expectations in Europe

11:40-12:00: Q & A

12:00-13:00: Lunch break

13:00-14:00: Religious and political effects of climate change (roundtable discussion)

          Moderator: Kristóf Veres (MRI)

Eszter Petronella Soós (Milton Friedman University)

          Bence Bauer (MCC Hungarian-German Institute)

José Luis Bazan (International lawyer)

14:00: Closing remarks